Where does the name Frisia come from?

Good question. People often ask. Luckily the answer is easy. Our company was founded in 1899 in Harlingen, Friesland. Friesland used to be called Frisia. And that’s where the name comes from.

I would like to give a presentation on Frisia marshmallows. Is there information for me?

What an excellent idea! To get you started, we have prepared a poster that contains tons of information on our company and our marshmallows. You can download the poster here below. Good luck with your presentation! Given the legislation on advertising aimed at children, this document is suited for fans that are over 13 years old.

Can I have a tour of the plant?

That would be fun, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately it’s not possible. Our plant has to meet so many hygiene and safety requirements that it is impossible for us to invite guests in. However much fun that would be.

I’m looking for a sponsor. Can Frisia sponsor me?

Unfortunately we do not agree to requests for sponsorship, however much fun that would be. We have to draw a clear line, and we cannot sponsor everyone. We wish you the best of luck.

What are the ingredients and allergens of Frisia candy?

On the back of every packaging, you find the overview of the product’s ingredients. Possible allergens are in bold and/or in upper case. The ingredient list per product is also available on our website, see Assortment.

Where can I buy Frisia candy?

In the Netherlands, you find Frisia marshmallows in most supermarkets. In Belgium, you can discover Frisia UFOs at Carrefour Hyper, Intermarché and Albert Heijn. You can buy the mallows there at Albert Heijn and Jumbo. And you can scoop Frisia gum candy in a selection of Belgian leisure parks and zoos. Frisia likes to venture out to Germany, the UK, Sweden, Norway, China, Japan, South-Korea, … So keep an eye out for our sweets during your trips as well!

I have a complaint about a product. What should I do?

We are really sorry about that. Could you send us an e-mail please? Please also mention the barcode, lotcode, best-before date and your address in the e-mail. Thank you very much.

Any other questions?

We have already answered the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, send us an e-mail, we are happy to help.