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Where does the name Frisia come from?

Good question. People often ask. Luckily the answer is easy. Our company was founded in 1899 in Harlingen, Friesland. Friesland used to be called Frisia. And that’s where the name comes from.

I would like to give a lecture about Frisia and mallows. Is there any information for me?

What a good idea! To help you with this, we have prepared a poster with masses of information about our company and our products. You can download this poster here. Good luck with your lecture!

Can I have a tour of the plant?

That would be fun, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately it’s not possible. Our plant has to meet so many hygiene and safety requirements that it is impossible for us to invite guests in. However much fun that would be.

I’m looking for a sponsor. Can Frisia sponsor me?

We have to disappoint you. Unfortunately we do not agree to requests for sponsorship, but we wish you luck finding a sponsor. And if things don’t go your way, have some tasty Frisia candy.

Do you have questions about ingredients, points of sale and/or quality?


What are the ingredients in mallows?

Our mallows are made of sugar, glucose, gelatin, water, air, colouring agents and flavourings. You’ll find a complete list of the ingredients in the product on the back of the packaging.

What do you want to know about allergies and intolerances?

We work continuously to make our products healthier and more sustainable. Nowadays our mallows do not contain any lactose, dairy and/or chicken ingredients. All our mallows and UFOs are gluten-free. The gelatin that we use is a protein. It produces light, airy candy. Gelatin can be an animal product. You will find more information on the back of the packaging.


Where can I buy your delicious candy?

In lots of places! You will find (part of) our assortment in supermarkets, petrol stations, kiosks, dispensers, drugstores and at wholesalers. So you will certainly find a place.


I have a complaint about a product. What should I do?

We are really sorry about that. Would you do the following, please? To be able to look into your complaint properly and resolve the issue, please send the product to us. Our address is: Frisia Snoep, FAO Quality department, Bleukenlaan 18, B-2300 Turnhout Belgium. It is helpful if you can send the batch code, as well (it is on the packaging and starts with an L) and tell us where and when you bought the candy.

Any other questions?

We have already answered the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please use our contact form and we will be happy to help.