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The world according to Frisia!

How do we treat one another these days? How do you deal with life? We believe that sometimes there’s a lack of optimism and positivity. In our own modest way, we think it can be different. Be a bit nicer for someone else and for you. It really works. In the world according to Frisia, you make the best of it, even when things are not going your way.

Make life sweeter!

Frisia helps you see the world through pink-coloured glasses. Sometimes things aren’t going your way and with a Frisia mallow or UFO you suddenly see life quite differently.
And the great thing is that you can easily share our candy, too.



You’ve overslept

You have to wash up

Your bike’s got a flat tyre

An empty shelf in the supermarket

It’s raining and you’ve got to cycle

You’ve got a date, but no clean clothes.

You just popped out to do an errand and you got a fine

You’ve just got a match on Tinder and the Wi-Fi fails

Your shoelace breaks when you put on your shoes

You’re sitting on the toilet and you realise there’s no toilet paper left

Your car won’t start and you’ve got an appointment

You’ve just got dressed when your baby is sick all over your clean shirt

You’ve got shampoo in your hair and suddenly only ice-cold water comes out of your shower


It’s not your day.
Or is it?

We all know that a bit of a setback is not disastrous, but fine is something else. With a yummy Frisia mallow or UFO, everything changes. At least for a while.
The stains don’t go away, the shelves are not suddenly filled, the tyre doesn’t mend itself, but you do feel a lot better and life is a lot sweeter. That’s the sweetest in the land.