The world according to Frisia!

We believe that life offers so many beautiful moments. Big and small. With your best friend, with your family, by yourself. So many experiences to enjoy. At Frisia, we wish to make those moments even more delicious.

Make every moment sweeter!

Frisia helps you to see the world through pink-coloured glasses. With a piece of Frisia candy, you make every moment that little bit more beautiful, funnier, sweeter. Share the sweets with the people around you, and spread some joy.



For special moments

For surprising moments

For challenging moments

For my-jaws-hurt-from-laughing moments

For very very ordinary moments

For unexpected moments

For moments full of love

For absolutely magnificent moments

For rainy moments

For dazzling moments

For moments to relish

A deliciously soft marshmallow, a surprising UFO or a Rocket Ball that makes your mouth water, Frisia candies contribute to small and big moments. Seize the opportunity to make your life a bit sweeter! Make those happy occasions even happier. That is the world according to Frisia.