At Frisia, we look at life through pink glasses. Because there are so many moments to savour: festive or ordinary, planned or spontaneous. Frisia adds that little bit extra: a bit warmer, cozier, funnier, …  

Since 1899, we at Frisia have been creating sweets that make people happy. For big and for small. For all the rascals and jokers.  

From deliciously sweet to crackling sour. Our sweets inspire big grins, sparkling eyes or a smile when you share them. So, wherever you are, whatever happens, Frisia colours every moment.  

How do you make everything even more colourful, sweeter, friendlier? What makes you happy? How do you bring joy in other people’s lives? We are very curious about how you make life a bit more sweet. Share it with us and the rest of the world!

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