We’ve been spoiling you with delicious sweet mallows for over 120 years.
Fun to share, great to treat yourself, a popular snack and an ideal sweetener for everyone who needs it.

We’re tired of negativity. The world is grey and dismal enough. We aim to bring a little light relief and perspective. When things aren’t going your way, just have a mallow. Every little helps. You have to make life a bit nicer yourself and often Frisia helps with that. So put on some pink-coloured glasses and opt for the sweetest in the land.

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How do you make everything a little bit friendlier, more colourful and sweeter? What makes you happy? How do you make other people happy?
We don’t want to be too difficult, but we are very curious about how you can make life a bit sweeter. Let us and the rest of the world see it.

Take part and let #standinguptobitterness see via Instagram and Facebook.